The Future of Journalism is Collaborative

Facet is the infrastructure of collaborative journalism

Supporting Effective, Meaningful Editorial Collaboration

Facet is an open source project to help newsrooms manage the multifaceted challenge of planning and executing collaborative projects across different platforms with partners of various sizes and resources.

But more than that, Facet is the needed connective tissue to help organizations, many of which were formed when the only way to operate in this industry was in competition or isolation, manage the logistical challenges of collaboration. We’re not doing our jobs in that same competitive world any more. We’re working in a world where the stories are often larger than anyone newsroom could do alone, where exposing audiences to stories and perspectives from other parts of the country and world is more important than ever, where a lack of diversity in our newsrooms is a serious problem and where our competition isn’t truly each other, but every organization, company, politician or government that now publishes on the same platforms we do but with none of journalism’s responsibility to the truth.

Our solutions to our problems will not come exclusively from technology, but we do need the right tools to address our challenges. Facet is a part of the solution, by providing the space and shared resources for collaborative work and helping organizations and individuals foster collaborative relationships and connections between people doing the work of journalism.

Facet’s potential is unlimited and I look forward to faceting new ways for the platform to serve newsrooms with the services and tools needed.

Heather Bryant
Founder / Director

Facet’s Focus

Facet empowers newsrooms to manage the logistics of creating, editing and distributing content, managing projects and facilitating collaborative relationships.

Project Management

Keep everyone in the loop with collaborative projects.

Relationship Management

Keep track of the details with your partners, in and outside of your organization.

Editorial Workflow

Sharing the editorial workflow for seamless collaboration.

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